The Emblem Hotel has arrived in Prague

2013-09-02 15:40:48

hotel logo

We are proud to anounce, that we are opening up another hotel close by to the Old Town Square Hotel, just on the edge of the square itself.

The extensive renovations were headed by a team of renowned architects and designers such as Alison McNeil of Design Dialog, Ondrej Píhrt of RAP,specially-designed pieces by young artists, Daniel Posta, Zdenek Vacek, Jakub Jandourek, Georg Bohle, Andrew Clancy and numerous others. The current building has been carefully restored to feature the form and feel of the Art Deco movement.

All of the rooms and suites are equipped with raindrop showerheads, the Emblem’s marble sinks, a 40-inch flat screen television, “superfast” WiFi, a Samsung tablet, Nespresso machine and a mini-bar. Art and photography are prominent aspects of the hotel’s design. The rooms and suites are collections by acclaimed local artists such as Tomski&Polanski and Lucia Scerankova.

Richard Valtr, who has managed the project since inception said:

“We wanted to create something which is seemingly rare in the modern world. Our furniture pieces are original designs, and we have strived to arrange it all in the most pleasing and novel manner. We want the Emblem experience to feel just like a home-away-from-home should feel, and I think that we have achieved that.”

Each guest will be greeted in the “Living Room” by hotel staff, they will all carry tablets as a part of their designer uniforms, which will allow them to check-in guests, without being confined to a reception desk. The unique software was designed especially for the Emblem and it ensures that every part of the hotel works perfectly together.

The Emblem will also feature a private club for members and hotel guests called the “Maharal”. The club will feature a games room, a library, an open kitchen, and many other rooms for business meetings. The Maharal is hoping to build up a rich cultural programme of film screenings, book readings, artists’ exhibitions, and so on.